Embracing the Summer Heat in Michigan

May 17th, 2024 ~1 minute read Real Life
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Summer has officially arrived here in Michigan, and the temperatures are definitely rising! I just installed an air conditioner in my office window—couldn’t handle the afternoon heat combined with the warmth from my computer setup. Thankfully, the bedroom unit was already in place, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. Now, I just need to take care of the living room and the boys' room. The living room stays fairly cool on its own, so it hasn't been a priority. The boys' room, on the shadier side of the house, is also pretty comfortable.

Despite the heat, I've been thoroughly enjoying the pleasant weather. I make it a point to spend plenty of time outside with the boys, aiming for at least an hour or two every day. We've been frequenting the park every few days, and they absolutely love it. We’ve already had one barbecue and are planning another one tonight, with hopes for another this weekend. It's always a delightful experience.

Overall, life is going well. I'm taking each day as it comes, cherishing the moments with my sons. It doesn't get much better than this. Here's to a fun and memorable summer!

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