RuneScape Reborn: An AI's Artistic Take on Classic Quests

2 days ago 81 minute read AI
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I've journeyed through the world of RuneScape since its inception. Likely being among the first 500 adventurers, I've witnessed its evolution, taking brief respites, but always returning to the relentless grind. This game, despite its challenges, holds a cherished spot in my heart. Alongside Pokémon, RuneScape ignited my passion for gaming during my teenage years, a passion I still cherish.

As a self-employed web developer, I have a penchant for innovative projects. The synergy between AI and my work has been transformative, enhancing efficiency and creativity. My love for RuneScape and AI intersects beautifully, hinting at the direction of this project.

With the recent unveiling of DALLE-3, I've been experimenting and thought, "Why not craft RuneScape-inspired visuals?" So, I've embarked on an endeavor to produce AI-rendered images for each RuneScape 3 quest. With 256 quests to date, I'll release one image daily, in chronological order based on the quest's release date.

Each day, this post will updated with the latest image, a succinct overview of the related quest, and a link to its Wiki page. I appreciate your curiosity in this venture, and I hope it captivates you as much as it does me.

Let the adventure begin...

Unlock the Power of Perfect Titles with My Title Capitalizer Tool

2 weeks ago 5 minute read Projects
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As someone who frequently juggles numerous projects, I'm always on the lookout for fun and useful tools to create in a day or two. One of the tools I found myself regularly using was a title capitalizer. It’s a small but mighty tool that ensures the titles and headlines of my blog posts, articles, and other content look polished and professional. Frustrated by some limitations in the tools available, I decided to build my own: Title Capitalizer.

The Birth of Title Capitalizer

The idea behind Title Capitalizer came from my own needs and the realization that I could enhance the functionality of existing tools. I wanted a tool that was easy to use, fast, and provided various capitalization styles to suit different writing contexts. Thus, the Title Capitalizer was born, a handy online tool designed to give you the perfect capitalization style for your titles every time.

Diverse Capitalization Styles

Title Capitalizer supports an array of capitalization styles, making it versatile for any content creator's needs:

  • APA: Follow the capitalization rules set by the American Psychological Association.
  • CMS: Adhere to the capitalization guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • AP: Apply the capitalization rules from the Associated Press Stylebook.
  • MLA: Utilize the title capitalization standards of the Modern Language Association Handbook.
  • BB: Implement the capitalization rules outlined in the Bluebook 21st Edition.
  • AMA: Use the capitalization guidelines provided by the American Medical Association Manual of Style.
  • NY Times: Capitalize titles according to the New York Times style guidelines.
  • Wikipedia: Follow Wikipedia's specific capitalization rules.
  • Email: Ensure proper capitalization for email subjects and headings.

Various Capitalization Options

In addition to the specific styles, Title Capitalizer offers several capitalization options for different purposes:

  • Title Case: Capitalizes the first letter of each major word, ideal for headlines and titles.
  • Sentence Case: Capitalizes only the first letter of the first word, perfect for sentences.
  • Uppercase: Transforms all letters to uppercase, useful for emphasis or attention-grabbing headlines.
  • Lowercase: Converts all letters to lowercase, great for casual or informal content.
  • First Letter: Capitalizes only the first letter of the entire text, adding a subtle touch of emphasis.
  • Alt Case: Alternates between uppercase and lowercase letters, creating a quirky and unique effect.
  • Toggle Case: Switches the case of each letter, offering a playful twist to your text.

Launch and Reception

I was thrilled to launch Title Capitalizer on Product Hunt, where it garnered over 10 upvotes! While it might seem modest, this was my most successful product launch to date, surpassing my first launch. The positive reception reinforced my belief in the tool's utility and the value it offers to content creators like myself.

Expanding Horizons: The Bludit Plugin

Taking things a step further, I decided to "port" the Title Capitalizer into a plugin for Bludit, a simple yet powerful flat-file CMS. This plugin is free to download and seamlessly integrates the title capitalization functionality into the Bludit platform, making it even more accessible to users. You can find more information and download the plugin over on BluditLab.


Creating the Title Capitalizer has been a rewarding experience. It's a testament to how small, simple tools can significantly impact our daily tasks. Whether you’re a blogger, writer, or content creator, the Title Capitalizer is designed to make your work easier and more polished. Check it out at capitalizer.Spegal.Dev, and elevate your content with perfectly capitalized titles today!

Embracing the Summer Heat in Michigan

2 months ago ~1 minute read Real Life
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Summer has officially arrived here in Michigan, and the temperatures are definitely rising! I just installed an air conditioner in my office window—couldn’t handle the afternoon heat combined with the warmth from my computer setup. Thankfully, the bedroom unit was already in place, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. Now, I just need to take care of the living room and the boys' room. The living room stays fairly cool on its own, so it hasn't been a priority. The boys' room, on the shadier side of the house, is also pretty comfortable.

Despite the heat, I've been thoroughly enjoying the pleasant weather. I make it a point to spend plenty of time outside with the boys, aiming for at least an hour or two every day. We've been frequenting the park every few days, and they absolutely love it. We’ve already had one barbecue and are planning another one tonight, with hopes for another this weekend. It's always a delightful experience.

Overall, life is going well. I'm taking each day as it comes, cherishing the moments with my sons. It doesn't get much better than this. Here's to a fun and memorable summer!

Behind the Books: Introducing VIP Reads, Your Gateway to Celebrity Bookshelves

2 months ago 2 minute read Projects
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Over the past few months, I've been on the lookout for simple, quick-to-launch website ideas that could also potentially generate some income. Recently, I found an intriguing concept that I couldn't wait to start working on.

Introducing VIP Reads—a platform that showcases a list of distinguished personalities and their favorite books. This allows users to discover the literary inspirations behind some of the most influential figures.

The inspiration for VIP Reads came from a similar, albeit underdeveloped, website I saw linked in a Reddit post. While the concept was appealing, the site’s design was lackluster, and it featured only a handful of celebrities. Seeing the potential, I decided to create a more polished version, aiming to feature 20-30 prominent figures within the next few weeks.

As of now, I’ve prepared a database of 25 VIPs and have started the process of cataloging their book preferences, planning to release 1-2 VIPs daily. Although this task is somewhat time-consuming, I’ve managed to significantly streamline it. Currently, the site features four well-known personalities: Barack Obama, Elon Musk, LeBron James, and Naval Ravikant.

VIP Reads generates revenue through Amazon Affiliate links, which direct users to purchase books on Amazon. My goal is to attract substantial traffic to the site and, hopefully, earn meaningful referral commissions. Once the initial setup is complete, I plan to periodically update the site while mainly allowing it to grow organically through search engine visibility.

I'm thrilled with the progress so far and eager to fully launch VIP Reads. If there’s a VIP you admire and would like to see featured sooner, send me a message, and I’ll prioritize their addition!

Your One-Stop Shop for Bludit Themes and Plugins - Welcome to BluditLab

3 months ago 3 minute read Projects
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Welcome to BluditLab, my latest venture into the world of digital creativity and innovation. After months of searching for a project that not only sparks my interest but also has the potential to generate revenue, inspiration struck upon discovering a niche yet promising idea: a dedicated platform offering both free and premium themes and plugins for Bludit, the elegantly simple CMS that champions file-based content management over traditional databases.

For those familiar with my blog, Bludit is already a well-known entity. Its simplicity and efficiency have established it as my preferred CMS for a range of projects, including news sites like,, and, and even this blog itself. Over time, I've developed several unique plugins tailored to my needs, leading to a lightbulb moment: why not share these creations with the world? Hence, BluditLab was born.

The cornerstone of the site lies in its curated collection of Bludit themes. As of now, our library hosts a singular theme, but stay tuned — this is just the beginning. While frontend design isn't my forte, I'm committed to sourcing high-quality themes from talented designers to build a reputable repository known for excellence.

Our Bludit plugin selection, though modest, is meticulously crafted. Currently, it includes two free plugins — a "Buy Me A Coffee" button for effortless donations and a YouTube shortcode plugin for simple video embedding. Additionally, our premium offering, a Patreon login system, is something I take great pride in. It represents hours of refinement to ensure seamless integration across any website, empowering site owners to offer exclusive Patreon member benefits with ease.

But BluditLab isn't just about themes and plugins. Recognizing the hurdles of setting up and customizing a website, I'm also offering Bludit customization and installation services. Whether you're new to Bludit or seeking to elevate your current site, our services are designed to be affordable and comprehensive, ensuring a smooth start or upgrade for your online presence.

As BluditLab grows, my aim is to enrich our offerings, expanding our theme and plugin libraries to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. While I harbor no illusions of overnight success, I am optimistic about the steady support and loyalty from the Bludit community. Through BluditLab, I envision a future where creativity meets functionality, offering tools and services that empower users to build and manage their digital spaces with confidence and ease.

Michigan Marijuana News: Crafting a Cannabis-Informed Community

10 months ago 2 minute read Projects
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Since my last update, there's been a new development I'm eager to share. While browsing through our local cannabis community on /r/Michigents, I stumbled upon several news articles about Michigan's marijuana scene. Some lacked depth, others seemed hastily written, and a few even emanated an untrustworthy aura. It struck me that Michigan deserved better, and thus, the idea for Michigan Marijuana News was born.

Michigan Marijuana News aims to be the premier source for cannabis news, culture, and updates in the Great Lake State. As a fervent supporter and enjoyer of cannabis, I felt an intrinsic pull to ensure my fellow Michiganders received not just news, but accurate, reliable, and well-researched information.

I'm thrilled to report that the initial setup of the website was swift, spanning just two days, social media pages included. I owe much of this efficiency to Bludit, the CMS I utilized. For those unfamiliar, Bludit is an open-source web application designed for quick website or blog creation. It uses JSON files for content storage, eliminating the need for any database installation or configuration. It's the same CMS that powers this blog, and while it might have its quirks, it's grown on me.

Currently, Michigan Marijuana News boasts twenty articles, averaging about four daily. As much as I've relished diving into each news piece, I've almost caught up with the recent events of the past fortnight. Now, my routine involves keeping an eagle eye on search engines, ensuring I stay abreast of fresh updates hourly. My vision? To be a respected and trustworthy beacon for all cannabis enthusiasts in Michigan.

This might be my first foray into the world of cannabis projects, but who's to say what the future holds? As someone deeply passionate about the myriad benefits of marijuana and the imperative for genuine information, this feels like just the beginning. Here's to cultivating a well-informed cannabis community in Michigan!