Michigan Marijuana News: Crafting a Cannabis-Informed Community

September 11th, 2023 2 minute read Projects
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Since my last update, there's been a new development I'm eager to share. While browsing through our local cannabis community on /r/Michigents, I stumbled upon several news articles about Michigan's marijuana scene. Some lacked depth, others seemed hastily written, and a few even emanated an untrustworthy aura. It struck me that Michigan deserved better, and thus, the idea for Michigan Marijuana News was born.

Michigan Marijuana News aims to be the premier source for cannabis news, culture, and updates in the Great Lake State. As a fervent supporter and enjoyer of cannabis, I felt an intrinsic pull to ensure my fellow Michiganders received not just news, but accurate, reliable, and well-researched information.

I'm thrilled to report that the initial setup of the website was swift, spanning just two days, social media pages included. I owe much of this efficiency to Bludit, the CMS I utilized. For those unfamiliar, Bludit is an open-source web application designed for quick website or blog creation. It uses JSON files for content storage, eliminating the need for any database installation or configuration. It's the same CMS that powers this blog, and while it might have its quirks, it's grown on me.

Currently, Michigan Marijuana News boasts twenty articles, averaging about four daily. As much as I've relished diving into each news piece, I've almost caught up with the recent events of the past fortnight. Now, my routine involves keeping an eagle eye on search engines, ensuring I stay abreast of fresh updates hourly. My vision? To be a respected and trustworthy beacon for all cannabis enthusiasts in Michigan.

This might be my first foray into the world of cannabis projects, but who's to say what the future holds? As someone deeply passionate about the myriad benefits of marijuana and the imperative for genuine information, this feels like just the beginning. Here's to cultivating a well-informed cannabis community in Michigan!

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