RuneScape Reborn: An AI's Artistic Take on Classic Quests

July 11th, 2024 78 minute read AI
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Table of Contents

Cook's Assistant
Oct 5th
Demon Slayer
Oct 6th
The Restless Ghost
Oct 7th
Romeo & Juliet
Oct 8th
Sheep Shearer
Oct 9th
Shield of Arrav
Oct 10th
Ernest the Chicken
Oct 11th
Vampyre Slayer
Oct 12th
Imp Catcher
Oct 13th
Prince Ali Rescue
Oct 14th
Doric's Quest
Oct 15th
Black Knights' Fortress
Oct 17th
Witch's Potion
Oct 18th
The Knight's Sword
Oct 19th
Goblin Diplomacy
Oct 20th
Pirate's Treasure
Oct 22nd
Dragon Slayer
Oct 23rd
Druidic Ritual
Oct 24th
Lost City
Oct 25th
Witch's House
Oct 26th
Merlin's Crystal
Oct 27th
Heroes' Quest
Oct 28th
Scorpion Catcher
Oct 29th
Family Crest
Oct 30th
Tribal Totem
Oct 31st
Fishing Contest
Nov 1st
Monk's Friend
Nov 2nd
Temple of Ikov
Nov 6th
Clock Tower
Nov 7th
Holy Grail
Nov 8th
Tree Gnome Village
Nov 15th
Fight Arena
Nov 20th
Hazeel Cult
Nov 24th
Sheep Herder
Nov 30th
Plague City
Dec 4th
Sea Slug
Dec 8th
Waterfall Quest
Dec 23rd
Jan 29th
Jungle Potion
Feb 2nd
The Grand Tree
Feb 3rd
Shilo Village
Feb 19th
Underground Pass
Feb 20th
Observatory Quest
May 15th
The Tourist Trap
May 16th
May 17th
Dwarf Cannon
May 20th
Murder Mystery
May 21st
The Dig Site
May 24th
Gertrude's Cat
May 28th
Legends' Quest
June 8th
Rune Mysteries
June 15th
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
June 23rd
Elemental Workshop I
June 30th
Priest in Peril
July 1st
Nature Spirit
July 6th
Death Plateau
July 11th
This little project began on October 5th, 2023 out of pure boredom.

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